All support facilities are selected with the same high standards that is compulsory of production. They work in harmony with our production schedule to assure on time deliveries.

offers finished machined products from one of several machine shops for those customers that do not have access to necessary machining facilities.

For customers that do not supply their own patterns, we possess only the best resources of master pattern makers. Additionally, minor pattern repair and rigging are performed in plant by our staff.

To facilitate our customers, we employ over twenty-five manufacturer represenatives located throughout the country.

We also have the capability to accept electronic transfer of CAD drawings (AutoCAD™ .dwg and or .dxf formats), specifications, photogaphs, and other data via electronic file transfer.

Facilities and Equipment

Production Area:

36,000 Sq. Ft.
Pattern Storage: 40,000 Sq. Ft.
Molding Processes: 100% No-Bake (Furan)
Core Processes: No-Bake (70% Furan, 25% Oil and 5% Shell)
Melting Equipment:

Four Coreless Induction Furnaces.
(Two 2500 pound, One 1500 pound and One 5000 pound)

Capacity: 400 plus ton per month
Casting Weight One pound to 5,000 plus pounds.
Dimensional Size: Flask size to 235" long by 32" wide or 86" by 86" square
Pattern Equipment:

Mounted cope and drag board and loose patterns

Special Equipment: - Kloster Automated Moldline and Rollover Draw
- Full spectrographic metallurgical and sand analysis laboratories
- Automated Heat Treating (quench and temper capabilities)
- Hardness Testing
- Die-penetrant
- Welding Equipment
- Thermal Reclamation System (95% sand reclaimed)
Other Services : - Patterns
- Machining
- All non-destructive testing
Materials Available: - Carbon, Alloy, Stainless and Tool Steels
- Hadfield Manganese Steel
- Grey and Ductile Irons
- White Irons
- Nickel-based Alloys
- Other Special Alloy



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